Naoko Kinoshita

2004/3 Graduated Nihon Veterinary Life Science University

2004/4 Veterinarian at Hase Animal Hospital

2013/5 Clinic director at Athena Pet Care Clinic

2018/3 Opened Pet Life Veterinary Clinic



Ultrasonography, Echocardiogram



Cycling, Traveling, Working out, Watching movies



Veterinary medicine is constantly evolving and because of this pet owners have many treatment options to choose from. The most important point is that whatever choice is made meets the needs of both you and your pet. I can provide an environment in which pet owners can communicate comfortably with their veterinarian. Through my comprehensive experience in this industry I can help pet owners make the right choice, and get the best possible treatment so they will be able to enjoy a meaningful and loving life with their pets. As an experienced bilingual veterinarian, I have the ability to communicate with empathy and compassion, in both Japanese and English, with pet owners and deal lovingly and professionally with pets.