About Us

About us

Your family vet in the heart of Tokyo
PetLife Veterinary Clinic is a friendly and caring clinic in the heart of Tokyo.
We provide a bilingual (Japanese/English) service for both domestic and international communities.
We are experienced veterinarians with many years serving families
and individuals and their pets using the latest technology. We have a compassionate
and welcome approach and aim to nurture close bonds within the local community.



Hours of Operation

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun・Holiday
9:30〜12:30 ×
12:30〜16:00 ×
16:00〜19:00 ×

Reservation Only (Please book by 12:30 on that day)

Surgery, Procedures, House calls

*Please inquire about consultations for your pet outside regular hours.


Consultations are available for both cats and dogs at PetLife.