Health Check

Have you ever wondered whether your pet is 100% in good health?
Many diseases have no apparent symptoms, making them hard to detect without clinical examinations. Annual check-ups can aid in early detection/early treatment of disease, and will help your pet have a long, happy life.


☆ Blood test
☆ (CBC, Blood chemistry 19 panels, CRP, SDMA, T4)
☆ X-ray (2 radiographs/series)
☆ Ultrasound (Abdominal, echocardiogram)
☆ Urinalysis
☆ Fecal exam


Please call/email to book


*1) Please don’t feed your pet on the morning of the exam.
*2) Please bring a urine/stool sample obtained the morning of the exam (keep urine refrigerated if over 2-3 hours old).
*3) Results will be available in approximately 1week. Please let us know when you can stop by for a 20-30 minute report.
*4) Please bring your pet in at 10am, and pick him/her up in the afternoon (between 4 – 7pm).